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reston fire damage restoration

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reston fire damage restoration


reston fire damage restoration

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Quick Response Time to Fire Damage Losses

Fires are one of the most destructive threats for residential and commercial property owners and are often caused by accidents, such as unattended cooking, grease fires, clogged dryer vents, or heating equipment that hasn’t been serviced and maintained. The results are catastrophic and a lot more serious in real life than on TV—because you are the one affected.

Our local Reston property restoration specialists at U.S. Flood Restoration LLC are highly trained and certified and have helped our local community recover from fire damage and natural disasters. We are committed to our customers’ safety and well-being and offer to restore your property’s original condition as fast as possible. Before you lose hope due to property loss, our local team of experts will thoroughly inspect the damages and provide you with the necessary Reston fire damage restoration services and assist you through the recovery process.

About Reston Fire Damage Restoration Services

We highly recommend our community to reach out to us in the event of an emergency. When a fire is put out, the deterioration process won’t stop unless you hire a trusted team for fire damage restoration. Reston, VA property owners need immediate inspections and solutions to save what can be saved. During the recovery process, our professional technicians will take note of every detail of property damage and work alongside your insurance company. Professional restoration services include:

  • Smoke odor removal, smoke damage cleanup
  • Soot removal
  • Air duct cleaning
  • Mold growth prevention, mold remediation
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Other deep cleaning services
  • Structural deodorization
  • Communication with your insurance provider

It’s essential to protect structural materials after a house fire and check their condition as part of the restoration process.

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  • Rapid 24/7 Emergency Response
  • 60 Minute Response Time
  • Trained & Certified
reston fire damage restoration

Why Choose U.S. Flood Restoration For Fire Damage Restoration in Reston, VA

The fire department’s job is to extinguish a fire as soon as possible, whereas emergency plumbers help you fix a burst pipe to stop a basement flood. But who helps with soot removal, smoke damage restoration, or water damage cleanup?

Dependable Reston fire damage restoration companies are hard to come by, which is why the experts at U.S. Flood Restoration are determined to become Reston and surrounding areas’ leading damage restoration team. Whether your residential or commercial property fell victim to fire, smoke, water, or mold, we bring the experience and expertise in cleaning up the mess, removing the damage, and recovering your building’s original state. Here’s why our local communities choose our locally-owned and operated U.S. Flood Restoration company:

  • Expert Technicians: Our team of local experts are fully background-checked, trained, certified, and insured. Furthermore, they always bring a positive attitude to any restoration job assigned because, like you, they want to recover your property’s pre-loss condition before the damage becomes deeply ingrained and affects your property’s structural integrity. 
  • Emergency Restoration Services: Reston fire damage restoration services are available day and night, no matter what time. Our 24/7 emergency team is here to help homeowners, property managers and business owners act fast. It’s essential to begin damage repairs right away after a fire or a flood. For that, we have an experienced team of technicians with professional equipment.
  • We’ll Talk To Your Insurance Company: One of any property owners’ biggest pain points is dealing with property insurance. Your local Reston fire damage restoration team has helped with multiple insurance claims and is familiar with most insurance providers and their coverage policies. While most will likely cover some types of water damage, they may not cover damages, such as structural repair or soot cleanup. But we always document every detail, so your report is accurate, and you can rest easy knowing that a team of certified technicians has your back! 

FAQ – Reston Fire Damage Restoration

How Much Will My Fire Damage Restoration in Reston, VA Cost?

This highly depends on the severity of the damage to your property. In order to be as transparent as possible about our cost estimates, our Reston fire specialists recommend booking a no-obligation inspection service, so we’ll be able to determine the type of repairs needed to recover your property’s pre-loss condition. When you call out friendly customer service representatives and provide them with as much detail as possible, they might be able to give you a price range.

Is It Safe To Clean Up After A Fire?

The smell of smoke and soot is extremely harmful and dangerous after a house fire. When you’re worried about airborne particles, you should protect yourself against soot, which is a powdery black substance that is also known as impure carbon particles caused by incomplete combustion. Wear protective clothing and masks at all times and promote air circulation. For a faster and safer process, our trained and insured Reston fire damage restoration team will take the necessary measures to complete the cleanup for you.

What Does A Smoke Damage Restoration Service Include?

There are many small things to take into consideration during a smoke damage restoration. Stained ceilings, walls, and discolored floors are only a small part of the big problem. Carbon particles and other residual chemicals are also evident behind huge layers of soot. Contaminated elements are also buried behind wall cavities, which means that your insulation needs to be replaced, as well as your subfloors. Soot doesn’t just stain permanently, but it also has corrosive qualities that are able to etch window panes and glass doors.

For starters, you will see our professionals wear protective gloves, heavy-duty work boots, clothing, and OSHA-rated respirators while vacuuming soot from surfaces. Next, we’ll use dry sponges and a degreaser to clean off the remnants.

Removing smoke odors is a challenging process that involves more than baking soda and white vinegar. U.S. Flood uses specialized deodorizers and ozone generators to carefully remove air pollutants from your Reston home.

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Need Fire Damage Restoration in Reston, VA?

At U.S. Flood Restoration, we take emergency services seriously. We want our local communities to know that they are not alone when going through the hardest moments in their lives. You invested in your property because you earned it. In the event of a fire, it’s not only essential to have the fire department arrive on time, but also a fire and smoke damage restoration team to quickly recover the original state of your home or business.

Call our friendly office team at 1-844-788-6622 to learn more about our restoration jobs and how we can help put damaged homes and businesses back into their original condition. While you’re here, why not read about our water damage restoration service?