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reston mold remediation

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reston mold remediation


reston mold remediation

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Did you know there are over 10,000 mold species, and about 50% of properties are affected by mold issues? From sinus infections to allergic reactions and other symptoms, many homeowners put their immune systems at risk because they fail to detect toxic mold behind walls, underneath floors or kitchen sinks.

What’s worse is recovering from a natural disaster, such as flooding or a plumbing leak. In such an event, immediate action is imperative if you want to restore your home’s safety and comfort. Our Reston property restoration team at US Flood Restoration has treated hundreds of properties, providing efficient water damage mitigation and mold removal services to help residential and commercial building owners restore their indoor living space.

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What To Expect From Our Reston Mold Remediation Team

A technician wearing a white, plastic suit and a face mask and using a sprayer to removed black mold from a wall during an appointment for mold remediation in Reston, VA.

Exposure to mold damage can lead to a number of dangerous health issues. When you suspect mold contamination in your home, you can count on our Reston mold remediation experts to complete the following duties:

  • Complete water / flood removal and cleanup
  • Thorough drying
  • Mold eradication
  • Sanitation
  • Complete restoration of affected areas

During the Reston mold remediation process, we’ll make sure our customers are safe and not exposed to the presence of mold. Even during our deep cleaning service, our mold specialists will take the necessary precautions to provide exceptionally high quality, safe service!

Our tried and true mold removal process includes:

  • Complete Water / Flood Removal & Cleanup
  • Thorough Drying
  • Mold Eradication
  • Sanitation
  • Complete Restoration
reston mold remediation

Why Choose US Flood Restoration?

At US Flood Restoration, we believe in acting fast to help property owners restore their home’s balance.

Certified Technicians: Our highly trained service technicians have seen and handled the worst, from fire damage to smoke damage and water damage. Their highly positive can-do attitude has served wonders!

Quality Workmanship: Our guaranteed workmanship ensures that your living space is fully restored, including your building materials and sanity.

Leave Your Insurance Company With Us!

Dealing with your insurance provider is one of the biggest headaches of a property owner. Our certified professionals will will work with your insurance company to make the process smooth and simple

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FAQs About Mold Remediation in Reston, VA 

What’s The Difference Between Mold and Mildew?

Mildew is a kind of fungus that appears to be powdery white and tends to grow flat by nature. On the other hand, mold is a multicellular fungus, consisting of a network of filaments. Common colors here are gray, green, brown, and, in the worst and most dangerous case, black. Instant remediation is recommended to prevent any spread of mold. 

Is My Sinus Infection Caused By Mold?

Over 90% of sinus infections are caused by indoor molds. Whether you experience severe allergy symptoms or a sinus infection in your Reston home, decreased indoor air quality is a likely cause. 

It could be dirty ductwork that calls for professional air duct cleaning or air duct mold removal service. Even healthy people will notice a decreased quality of life when being indoors with frequent mold exposure. When you hire expert services for mold remediation in Reston, VA the technicians at US Flood Restoration will get it done!

Where In My House Do I Check For Mold Growth?

A section of a ceiling where the drywall has been damaged by moisture, causing it to fall open, revealing mold built up inside. 

The easiest areas to check are your door and window panes, door and window frames, grout lines, fabrics (curtains), sink cabinets, behind baseboards, and inside your carpets. 

Moist areas like your basement are also worth checking out, or wherever you notice a musty smell. On rainy days, we recommend checking your gutter system to ensure they’re not clogged. In some cases, clogged gutters lead to moisture and mold inside of attics.

You may need professional assistance to check hard-to-reach areas, such as underneath your floors (subfloor) or behind your tiles. Our Reston mold remediation specialists will get down to the nitty-gritty to get this nuisance out of your home.

Get Reston Mold Remediation Services!

Look no further for a professional Reston mold remediation company because US Flood Restoration has a lot more to offer. We provide expert water damage restoration services to stop the factors that cause mold before it grows! 

All you have to do is take immediate action by dialing 1-844-788-6622 to schedule an in-house inspection with our experienced professionals.